Thursday, October 31, 2013

'Investment' Furniture will Eventually Bore You to Death

There are some timeless investment furniture pieces which can be placed in any design layout, from any era, and not only do they blend in with the décor, but they also add some character to the interiors. Those pieces are very rare however and they also have to follow a certain theme to work properly, like that popular, retro leather office chair (the one littered with sunken grooves) which looks like it belongs in a classic, luxury-design study room.

If you're already heavily stocked-up on investment furniture pieces, there are still ways through which you can freshen those pieces up though, but here's why investment furniture will eventually bore you to death:

 Investment pieces are usually very expensive and are kept for long periods of time

While you can get some fabulous home designer products at affordable prices, investment pieces are usually very costly, since one naturally ‘invests’ in these larger pieces with the aim of keeping them for life. Investment pieces may fit in with the interiorwall décor and art, as well as other design accessories, at their time of purchase and introduction into the home, but time will eventually catch up with those ageing designs and the entire balance of your interiors can get thrown off. You will eventually get bored with your investment furniture, but you are forced to stick with it because you paid so much for it, even in the wake of it gradually becoming style-outdated.

Sometimes investment furniture can be so expensive that you become rather reluctant to really enjoy it, existing as more of a decoration than actual, functional furniture.

Investment furniture can often be very prominent and dominating

Even in the event that you do eventually get bored with your investment pieces, due to those large and more prominent pieces lagging behind the emerging evolutionary design trends, there's not much you can physically do to the furniture itself because of the sheer size and prominence. Remember that often, home designer product ranges include mirrors and other matching design accessories like chandeliers, so redecorating every now and then may not be very practical, as unfair as that may be since design trends to tend to evolve quite rapidly.

Beating the Inevitable Bore

While investment furniture will eventually bore you to death, there is no escaping some of the more traditional investment furniture pieces, like the old dining room table, the living room sofa and perhaps some armchairs and a patio set. Fortunately though, with the availability of fabulous designer home products at affordable prices, accent furniture pieces and design accessories can be deployed to accentuate the investment furniture and act as a constant source of refreshment for what can become a very redundant look.

Accent furniture pieces offer a very wide variety of styling trends, with the likes of table lamps and other design accessories very easily updating the look and feel induced by the larger, more permanent investment furniture pieces. In this way, that inevitable investment furniture bore can be hedged against and you never have to surrender to it.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Uttermost Australia Testimonial from Santo Sulfaro

"At Sulfaro Furniture, we are a passionate husband and wife team and invest a lot of time in our showroom to ensure every experience for our customer is perfect.

We have recently traveled overseas to trade shows and have seen fabulous furniture and accessory pieces that we liked, but were just too expensive to bring back to Australia for our customers.

Then, at the recent DesignX we actually stumbled across the Uttermost stand and we just loved it!!   We ordered then and there and it was a great success. The Uttermost team have been exceptional to deal with from the very beginning.

We have since ordered more and our showroom looks totally amazing also complementing our own bespoke furniture!  We are getting a great reaction from our clients, we love the furniture, chandeliers and accessories and I know our clients will as well because we know what they are looking for".   -Santo Sulfaro

We are so delighted to share with you this testimonial from one of the most loved furniture range here in Australia. Thank you so much for expressing you appreciation, we are humbled by this and inspired to continue serving our clients.  You can also visit their website at!

You can view Uttermost Australia tradeshow at DesignX here: